Small Business Intuit Payroll Services

Why are you paying more than you need to for your processed business payroll? 
Put money back into your pocket by using our Intuit payroll services
Now more than ever, business owners need to save some cash.  Call us for a free quote. Sign up now for our Intuit payroll services and we won’t raise our rate for 2 years.
We are a full service small business payroll provider with cost effective rates.  We guarantee your payroll will be accurate, timely and hassle-free.  Stop spending more than you need to for your processed payroll.  Start saving money today.

Allow us to take care of your Federal & State payroll filings, including quarterlies, year-end forms, & W-2’s.
Direct deposit is available, adding convenience for your employees.
We provide professional pay stubs detailing the current and YTD amounts.
Common pay types such as salary, hourly, tips, and commissions are supported.

Quick Bookkeeper Inc is the expert in Intuit payroll services in the Metro Deroit area. 


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