1. How often do you provide financial reports for my review?

    They are provided either monthly or quarterly.  Although, some clients prefer not to receive any until their fiscal year has ended.

  2. Can your company handle my bookkeeping if my business isn't in your area?

    That's the great thing about today's technology.  It allows us to have clients located anywhere.  Especially with online banking features that provides accountant access for viewing and printing only.  Unless you want us to pay your bills, then we would also have bill payment rights with your banking institution. 

  3. What is the difference between bookkeeping and forensic accounting?

    Bookkeeping is recording transactions on a daily basis.  Forensic accounting is a complete review and a chronological record as shown on bank statements.  For instance, if a check clears your bank and then later it bounces, the trail of those transactions need to be recorded.   

  4. What software versions will I be using?

    QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2013 will be utilized during the training session.  We provide you with a computer, or you may opt to bring your laptop if you already have an existing QuickBooks file.

  5. What if I bring my laptop, and we need to get on the internet for some reason?

    Great question.  Our office is wireless, and if we need to access the internet to register your QuickBooks, or activate an Intuit add on service, such as merchant services, it would be no problem.

  6. Can you provide training if I live out of state, or out of your area?

    We are in the process of adding a checkout cart to our website and making QuickBooks training CD's available for purchase.  The CD's will be module specific.

  7. What are the times for the training classes?

    Classes are designed to fit the student's schedule.  Day, evening, and weekend times are available.  Please call our office to schedule your one on one training today.

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